Teddy Day 2018 Quotes for Her or Him

Teddy is a symbol of huge cuteness, sweetness and love. So here are few lines by which you can express your love to your partner with a fluffy teddy as gift of Teddy Day is celebrated on 10th of February is fourth day of Valentine Week. So here we are wishing you a great Valentine Week 2018, visit site for more interesting wishes of observance.

Happy Teddy Day 2018: Download Happy Teddy Day Images.


There’s something about a Teddy Bear that’s impossible to explain. When you hold one in your arms, you get a feeling of love, comfort and security. It’s almost supernatural…

Anyone who has looked a teddy bear in the face will recognize the friendly twinkle in his knowing look…

To my cutest cuddly wife, who is certainly my life, this teddy bear is a sign, that you will be forever mine.

Boy: Do U Hug Ur Teddy Bear
While Sleeping At Night?
Girl: Yes!
Boy: Can I Replace It For the Rest Of Ur Life?

A Bedroom without a Teddy,
Is Like A Face Without Smile,
By Gifting This Teddy I Want,
To Show I Love U, And Want,
The Same Response From you.

A Teddy Bear Is Like a Friend You Hug It,
And Cry To It When You Are Sad You Talk To It When You Feel Alone!
It Doesn’t Matter What Color, Size or Condition It’s In,
Its There for You No Matter What. Teddy Bear Day

Teddy bear day is a day of love.
It’s a day when you find your true love.
A day of hearts and yummy candles
a day when cupid hits you with a love arrow
a day when you find your teddy bear

On Teddy Bear Day, We Think of people who have cheered and encouraged us, who go out of their way to be kind and caring, who have enriched our lives just by being themselves. You are such a person. I’m so happy you’re my love

Happy Teddy Bear Day

It’s pleasant for a bear to come home to the warmth of a fire, take a dollop of honey, talk to a friend, read the Daily Bear News, and finally creep under the quilt and sleep soundly all night.

Age simply doesn’t enter into it! The older the friend, the more he is valued, particularly when he shows so visibly the characteristics that we all look for in friends. You have only to look at a genuine teddy’s face to see at once the loyalty, common sense, and above all, dependability behind it.

Teddy Bear Day Is a Day of Love
it’s a Day When You Find Your True Love
A Day of Hearts and Yummy Candies
A Day When Cupid Hits You with a Love Arrow
A Day When You Find Your Teddy Bear
Will You Be Mine?’

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