Teddy Day 2018 Poems for Girls

Hey, if you are searching for such nice wallpapers and wishes related Happy Valentine Week 2018, a huge collection is here or almost each and every kind of wish and image you’ll get here. Teddy day is one of the most important days of Valentine Week and highly celebrated by gifting teddies to girls from their parents, relatives and boyfriend or husband. So here you can read Teddy Day 2018 Poems for Girls and forward to your special girl to wish her.

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You’re like a little teddy bear
some days I want to hold you
but most I just don’t care

You’re like my lungs when I sleep at night
you help me breathe
then suffocate me of life

I treat you like my teddy bear
some days I love you
but most I just don’t care

I treat you like my lungs when they keep me alive
You help me breathe throughout the day,
Then strangle me at night


A teddy bear is a furry friend
whose love and support never end
keeps your secrets, never lies
friendly, fuzzy, cozy, and wise.

Tell it your secrets
it’ll keep them well
you don’t have to worry,
it won’t ever tell

Whenever you need one
it will always be there
the same old teddy bear
with the same old stare
ready to listen, ready to care


I’m not sure you want to live like a bear,
They celebrate with their own style,
Running in the woods to honey trees,
Being a bear isn’t easy you see.

Birthdays are once a year.
Teddies gather from far and near,
Mama bear is the perfect host,
She fixes a cake teddy bears favor most.

Parties are fun and usually in the noon day sun,
Running games and climbing are their favorite fun.
Happy Birthday Teddy Bears everywhere.


A Bedroom without a Teddy
is Like a Face without a Smile.
By Gift This Teddy
I Want To Show am Ready
To Make You Mine
And Fill My Life With Sunshine.

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