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Teddy Bear day is sweetest day of Valentine Week celebrated on 10th of February by presenting a teddy to special one. Teddy bear is soft and fluffy toy and highly liked by girls so many parents and boyfriend gift a cute teddy to their girl. Here you will find warm wishes related Happy Valentine Week and this article is about Teddy Bear Day Whatsapp Status, red and update for wish to others.

Happy Teddy Day 2018: Download Happy Teddy Day Images.


A bedroom without a teddy is like a face without a smile.

If you are a chocolate you are the sweetest on earth, if you are a teddy bear you are the most huggable, and since you are my friend, for me you are best on earth.

I wish I were a cell in your blood, so I would be sure I was somewhere in your heart.

To My Cutest Wife, who is my life this teddy bear is a sign that you will be forever mine.

Oh my Cute and Beautiful Dear, You’re my sweetest teddy bear, and I always be in Your Near

I wish I was a teddy bear that lay upon your bed. So every time you cuddled it. You cuddled me instead. Happy Teddy Bear Day

Teddy bears don’t need hearts, as they are already stuffed with love. I m your Teddy with a big heart.

Teddy Bear Day is a Day of Love it’s a Day When You Find Your True Love a Day of Hearts and Yummy Candies a Day When Cupid Hits You With A Love Arrow a Day When You Find Your Teddy Bear Will You Be Mine?

A Teddy Bear Is like a Friend, you Hug It, And Cry to It When You Are Sad You Talk to It When You Feel Alone! It Doesn’t Matter what Color, Size or Condition It’s in, its There for You No Matter What. Teddy Bear Day…

It’s Teddy Bear Day, and I’m thinking of someone cute and huggable who is you. Happy Teddy Bear Day

To my cutest cuddy wife, who is certainly my life, this teddy bear is a sign that you will be forever mine.

Bears are just about the only toy that can lose just about everything and still maintain their dignity and worth.

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