Propose Day 2017 Greetings for Her or Him

Propose Day is best day of expressing your true feelings to friends, girlfriend or boyfriend. So here we are presenting several beautiful Propose Day 2017 Greetings for Her or Him. You can make Greetings card at home by purchase a good quality paper, red ribbons, roses, colors and penned there your own feelings toward the person whom you going to send. Proposal doesn’t mean you are going to offering your relationship or something.

If you are already in a relationship you have to express your love very well or in interesting way. So here we have collected some impressive lines and greetings images, read all messages very carefully and choose your favorite line and image for her or him. These are some messages, or you can pen your own lines by and don’t pen over just say whatever your heart says.


Hum apne pyaar ka izhaar isiliye nahi karte hain
Kyonki hum Unke Han Ya na se darte hain
Agar unhone kar di han to khushi se mar jaynge
Or agar kar di na to ro ro k mar jaynge

If I reached for your hand, will you hold it?
If I hold out my arms, will you hug me?
If I go for your lips, will you kiss me?
If I capture your heart, will you love me??

I have a heart n that is true,
but now it has gone from me to you,
So care for it just like I do,
because I haven’t one heart
and you have now two.

I am opening an emotional bank account for u sweetheart
so deposit your love in it and you will get the interest.

Word Have Not Enough Strength to Express My Love Towards You. My Eyes Are Enough to Express It!

My Eyes Are Eager To See You,
My Ears Are Eager To Listen You,
My Lips Are Eager To Kiss You,
and My Dreams In Night Are Eager To Welcome You

The sweetest way to proposal:
“Excuse me, do you have a band aid, because I scrapped my knee when I fell in love with you.” Will you be mine?

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