Hug Day 2017 Poems for Friends

Hug is need of a sad person even it works like medicine for that person. So these words are here in Hug Day 2017 Poems for Friends can express your feelings, read each line carefully and forward to all your close friends and relatives. These are touchy lines, so you have to forward them to your nearest person with impressive image of hug, visit whole site for images and wishes related Happy Valentine Week 2017.



I hide my tears when I say your name,
But the pain in my heart is still the same.

Although I Smile and Seem Carefree,
There is no one who misses you more than me

My sweetest memory-your message
my biggest sadness the distance

My biggest hope-I will HUG you soon
my strongest prayer relation continues forever

A Hug for Each Day

A hug for each day
will drive your blues away
to welcome you or I hate to see you go

It will lessen your pain and be assured
that every thing’s okay
that’s why God gave us arms
to hug each one with kindness and love

So here’s sweetie Maggie
to give you a hug each day and here’s my hug…


Hug me
But don’t let go
I want you to stay
I want you to know

I need you with me
you make me feel bright
so just hug me
Right through the night

It’s what I want
Maybe even a kiss
you make me feel special
I can’t turn away from this


Hugs are fat-free, sugar-free
and require no batteries
Hugs reduce blood pressure

Body temperature, heart rate
and help relieve pain and depression
Redeem this coupon
at your nearest Participating human being.


Hugs from mothers
Hugs from fathers
Hugs from grandparents.
Which hug do you prefer?

Hugs from aunties
Hugs from uncles
Hugs from cousins
which hug do you prefer?

Hugs from girls
Hugs from boys
Hugs from friends
which hug do you prefer?

A loving hug from my love is what I prefer.

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