Hug Day 2017 Facebook Status

Hug Day is very interesting occasion for all, celebrated on 12th of February 2017. Collect Hug Day 2017 Facebook Status from here and visit for more wallpapers, images, jokes, quotes etc and forward to all your friends and acquaintances.


A hug is a handshake from the heart. So always remain close to my heart and best wishes on this hug day

A hug can say I will miss you. it can say your special, or best of all love you. It can soothe a hurt, or calm a fear, or cheer us when were blue. So here a hug for you.

No matter where you are I’ll always find my way to ? Hug you tight and shower you with my kisses I love only you! Wishing my dear a happy hug day.

The Best Medicine in the world is a Mother’s Hug.

A silent Hug means a thousand words to the unhappy heart.
You can’t be happy unless you’re unhappy sometimes.
My Favorite place is inside your hug.
You can’t wrap love in a Box but you can wrap a person in a Hug.
A hug relives tension

Improves blood flow and Reduces tension. So give me a hug now Happy Hug Day…

Hugging has no unpleasant side effect and is all natural
There are no batteries to replace,
it’s inflation-proof and non-fattening
with no monthly payment
It’s non-taxable, non-polluting,
and is of course, fully refundable

She wants a hug. Not just a normal hug, one of those tight hugs that take her breath away, give her butterflies & make her smile like crazy.

Protect her, love her, kiss her, hug her, hold her, smile with her, laugh with her. But don’t make her fall if you don’t plan to catch her.

I hide my tears when I say your name,
but the pain in my heart is still the same.
Although I Smile and Seem Carefree,
There is no one Who misses you more than ME.

Hugs are great for fathers and mothers,
Sweet for sisters, swell for brothers.
And chances are your favorite aunts
Love them more than potted plants. Happy Hug Day 2017

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