Chocolate Day 2017 Poems for Her or Him

Chocolate Day 2017 is not much far from today, so you can collect several wallpapers, wishes, jokes, quotes etc for Valentine Week. Almost all kinds of well wishes and wallpapers, you can find here at this valentine blog. Keep visiting and share with friends and other acquaintances to wish them. There are lots of sayings about Chocolates like everyone loves to chocolates “9 out of 10 peoples love chocolates and 10th one lies” Chocolate Day 2017 Poems for Her or Him



Chocolate will never judge you.
Chocolate goes great with any occasion.
It is always there for you no matter the situation.
It is something you can count on to help solve your difficult problems.
Chocolate can help mend a broken heart.
Chocolate is good for the mind, body, and soul.


I knew this day would come
when I’d lose you from my sight
I won’t be able to devour you
I’ll miss that scrumptious bite

Seems every day you were there for me
you were my afternoon delight
so rich, nutty, and delicious
I should have held you tight

I feel so down without you
my senses are getting numb
you gave me such a pick me up
To your pleasure I’d succumb

I see you through the window
with my sad and longing eyes
I crave just one taste of you
can’t you hear my heartfelt cries

This machine won’t take my quarters
I’ve tried again and again
I need you, my snickers bar
anyone got change for a ten


I love chocolate, oh yes I do.
Eating chocolate is a must too.
I love chocolate, how about you?
They say dark chocolate is now good for you too.

I would eat chocolate while watching Mr. Mango
I would eat chocolate instead of dodo.
I like a good chocolate candy bar.
I would even eat chocolate from a jar.

I want to eat chocolate all day long.
Eating too much chocolate may be wrong.
They need to write about chocolate in a song.
Some people eat chocolate just to belong.


I hate milk chocolate, don’t want clouds
of cream diluting the dark night sky,
don’t want pralines or raisins, rubble
in this smooth plateau. I like my coffee

black, my beer from Germany, wine
from Burgundy, the darker, the better.
I like my heroes complicated and brooding,
James Dean in oiled leather, leaning

on a motorcycle. You know the color.
Oh, chocolate! From the spice bazaars
of Africa, hulled in mills, beaten,
pressed in bars. The cold slab of a cave’s

Interior, when all the stars have gone to sleep.
Chocolate strolls up to the microphone
and plays jazz at midnight, the low slow
notes of a bass clarinet. Chocolate saunters

Down the runway, slouches in quaint
boutiques; its style is je ne sais quoi.
Chocolate stays up late and gambles,
likes roulette. Always bets on the noir.

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